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AAA Absolute Gardening and Treelopping Service has a great reputation in the industry of which we are proud of.Our aim is to exceed customer satisfaction with our workmanship, quality materials at the best possible price.

We get your job done efficiently and right.

  • FREE Quotations
  • Fully Insured – for peace of mind
  • Competitive and negotiable prices
  • Excellent Customer Service and Advice
  • Excellent Customer References (available on request)
  • We LISTEN to your needs

Experienced professionals in ALL aspects of:


Restorations, Make Over, General Tidy Up, Garden Construction, Garden Maintenance, Planting, Pruning, Shaping, Spraying, Trimming, Watering Systems, Weed Control, Weeding, Brushcutting, Clearing, Fertilising, Hedge Trimming, Hoeing, Mulching, Garden Edging.


Paving, Retaining Walls, Decking, Stepping Stones, Beta Blocks, Pebbles, Gravel, Soil Removal, Soil Transfer, Land Levelling, Excavating, Concreting/Stencilling of Driveways & Paths, Drainage Systems, Blocking of Undesirable Views, Establishment of Vegetable Boxes, Planter Boxes.


Lopping, Stump Grinding, Dead-wooding, Cutting, Trimming, Shaping, Thinning, Mulching, Pest Control, Adhere to Council Regulations and offer Council Approval Advice.

Turf / Lawn

Laying, Rolling, Watering, Pest Control, Fertilizer, Maintenance, Top Dressing, Levelling, Fixing Depressions, Repairing bare patches.

We specialise in Emergency Tree Work and are available 7 days a week.

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